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Team Rise Together
Team Rise Together is a gathering of artists brought into a collaborative environment striving to help one another grow. With like-minded individuals working in a synergetic mission to succeed in the entertainment industry by forming a collective team dedicated in an effort to open doors. We work together to make things happen with a proactive mentality. Our passion is to inspire others to bring truth to their hopes!

In 2013 at The Rose Theater in Holbrook, New York [Long Island], Thomas J. Bellezza formed Team Rise Together. His mission was to show people the value of working together as a team striving to open doors in the industry. The success of one meant the rise of all. Following examples of the industry standard from the likes of Adam Sandler, Martin Scorsese, and Seth Rogen [among others], we set off as one.

The original Team Rise Together began with a humble six people. Our first project was "The Super Hero Villain". This was a free project we filmed, financed by BBR Production to help the members become eligible for their SAG-AFTRA status. Thus utilizing one of the six's "union status" to help the other five rise. This project opened doors for the team in ways that earned them more income breaking in at the bottom levels.

Since 2013 the Team Rise Together Mission has continued to develop into something more than filming small shorts. We have expanded to include people working deep in the industry. From performers to crew to directors, producers, and writers. We work with editors and musical composers. We have come a long way since the beginning. And as we have grown so have our goals, opportunities, and rewards.

Over the next ten years, Team Rise Together has developed plans to become a multimedia studio. More importantly, a not-for-profit studio designed to keep our main mission objectives growing, but more importantly educate, elevate, and evolve as a team. Filming passion projects or even being a place for people new in this field to learn firsthand how the business and process works. Let's work, grow, and rise together!
Team Rise Together
We bring people and resources together. Those who work with us are giving opportunities to learn more about the process and business of entertainment. We look at the underdogs and shake hands with the professionals. Everyone in this business is amazing, awesome and unique. We're people, artists, and living proof that everyone can work together. This mind set allows us to do what it is Team Rise Together does.

Our mission is to do several things for individuals. One of the main goals is to get people working together. This is accomplished by building working relationships on TRT Projects and our free TRT networking events. One benefit of having a group of people working together is an available hire/cast list. Need to cast an actor? Maybe hire a full crew for principal photography and pre/post-production? Members first.

We work to grow together. Supporting one another is a part of the process. Introducing members to opportunities can lead to members growing their careers. Help build the brand awareness of members. Resources are a massive commodity for TRT and its members. Do you have any equipment you can rent at a discounted rate or even donate the items or your time? Together we can accomplish anything we see before us!

We are always looking for ways to pull other TRT members up to the next level. Rising together elevates the value of everyone involved. Are you casting something? Come to the team. You got a show picked up and need a writing team? Look to TRT members first. Do you have an agent or manager looking for new clients? Recommend members. These are small examples of having pull so you can lean down and lift a member up.

A team is only as strong as its weakest link. This is why we always help one another. We educate and train with one another. We step up to do self-tapes or workout scenes together. We make efforts to stop running to win the race on our own and help a fallen runner cross with you. Success is beautiful when you celebrate with friends. What does Team Rise Together do? We work together, grow together, and rise together.
Team Rise Together
• [OPPORTUNITIES] All Team Rise Together members are first call opportunities. There is a plethora of members who an assortment of different skill levels. We like to approach our members before searching for outside options. Each member of TRT may contact other members within the team for opportunities. Either to fill an opportunity or try and procure one. 

• [PAID WORK] Rarely do we enjoy filming non funded projects. The goal is to get our projects funded before principal photography begins. We fund projects through crowdfunding or investors. This means our members will get paid when they work on our funded projects. [Members can donate into projects, though they are not required to.]

• [EQUITY POINT] There are two ways for a member to obtain an equity point on our TRT projects: Work or volunteer. If you can't or don't get a chance to work, a member can volunteer their time. A member can help market, lend resources, assist in funding opportunities, etc. *Points are limited* Each project is different. All questions are welcomed.

• [PITCH OPPORTUNITIES] Team Rise Together is in association with BBR Productions. This allows all members a chance to bring BBR Productions their scripts, novels, ideas, projects, basically any creative venture to us for open door pitch opportunities. If BBR Productions cannot take on the project it can potentially be placed into the TRT queue. There is a vetting process, but again, all questions are welcomed.

• [MARKETING] One advantage of being involved with Team Rise Together is our large growing team. This includes their resources of internet real estate on social media, media contacts, newsletters, websites, and word of mouth, among other things. Getting our team's ability to spread the word on projects, campaigns, or other ventures is a matter of speaking up and reaching out. One for all, all for one as the saying goes.
• [NETWORKING EVENTS] TRT has several kinds of events. Our main gatherings are in the form of our quarterly networking events. These events are open to everyone. Let our friends meet their friends. Events for TRT members only include parties, holidays, and celebratory events.

• [RESOURCES & DISCOUNTS] Among the many resources as a growing team, when available our members have equipment, skills, and locations. Acquiring said resources at a discounted rate [or donated rate] is at the member's discretion.
• [MORE THAN FILM & TELEVISION] Our goal for Team Rise Together is to be a creative outlet for everyone. We come together for more than film and television. We have ways of helping all creative outlets. From books to paintings, music, event shows, etc.

• [EDUCATION] We learn by working together. By educating one another together. We show patience for those asking questions. A better educated and well rounded team is a stronger more efficient collective. We help one another to rise together.
Team Rise Together
This is the easy part. Reach out to us and let us know you want to be a part of the team. We can meet up or talk on the phone. Come to one of our networking events to introduce yourself. Reach out once in a while. Be proactive with asking us questions about what's going on. You want to work on a project we have listed? Say hello. Email us. You want to help as crew or with marketing? Email us. Getting involved is all about you stepping up and presenting your availability.

We do more than film and television. As Team Rise Together continues to grow there will be more opportunities to get involved. From helping run live shows, to organizing networking events & gatherings, to reading scripts for potential projects. When there are podcast shows going on you can host one, be a guest on one, or help run one. You want to help with table reads? Maybe bata test games or become a bate reader for books. There are a million and one ways for you to get involved. You need only reach out and email us or ask us in person.

For our Team Rise Together members there are no walls, no doors, no obstacles to be a part of the growth. We have an open door policy for our members. We want our members to feel free communicating among yourselves as a team or through our available avenues. This mission is a movement of opportunities. But these opportunities are useless without being proactive in your efforts. Get involved is one part of growing with us. As a team want to motivate, inspire, and elevate those within our team. And through example do the same for those who see our efforts.
Team Rise Together
For Team Rise Together to be anything more than a mission idea, we as a team, must come together to accomplish goals as one. No one member is responsible to do everything that is required of them. It's an honor system. But benefiting from the group while never contributing defeats the purpose of growing together. It is about being selfless not selfish. Everyone is amazing, awesome, and unique!

To be a part of Team Rise Together you must have a team mentality. We are a group of people working together to rise together. No one person is more important than the next. With that said, we ask that you support the members of this team. But how can I do that? You can get as heavily involved as you want or do minimum interaction. The more you put into TRT the more you get out of it.

But... if you're an extremely busy person try one of these simple things below...

• Sharing a member's post
• Liking a member's post
• Tagging a member or members [refer them for stuff]
• Comment on a member's social media
• Word of mouth [Spread the word of their successes and accomplishments. Tell people about them and their projects in person or online]
• Come to our members first for projects [Our members will understand if they are not right for a part or right for the crew. But the courtesy of asking first is extremely supportive]
• Write reviews for their projects, products, and ventures among other things
• Place a link to their websites on your website [I have a "friends" section on my website...]
• Buy their products or donate to their causes, crowdfunding, or futures with your time or money
• Be proactive in showing your support in any way you possibly can. A little is a lot
Get involved with any project we have below by reaching out. At any given time we are in the development stages of these projects. All filming dates, casting, and other information will be in our Team Rise Together newsletters along with below!

BBR Productions
  • Director of Photography [DP]
  • Camera Operator [CA] [2 Cameras]
  • or Camera Assistant
  • Gaffer
  • Grip
  • Script Supervisor
  • Assistant Director [AD]
  • Sound Person [Boom Operator]
  • Make Up & Hair
  • Production Assistant
TAGLINE: When words have hope.

LOG-LINE: Two people discover themselves in the journey of their broken history.

GENRE: Drama
Letter of Reason is a one-act play about a local biracial newspaper reporter sent to interview Jonathan. An old man from the late 50's. He joined others in the million man march and fought for civil rights. In his life he was in a very public interracial relationship which caused issues with his family, community, and his career. Hear his story through the questions of this local reporter as they discover a little something more about themselves and the worlds they came from.
This project was originally a play. We have developed into a full length feature film. Currently we are organizing a budget to shoot the project independently. Once we have a budget set we'll market and cast.

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