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Ryan Robertson

Ryan Robertson

(Comedian / Crew)

"Thomas offers a unique perspective on how to do business in the modern world. With interesting ideas about networking and marketing, he certainly makes you think and allows you to attack the field in a whole 'nother way"

~ Ryan Robertsoni

Erica LaRose

BBR Productions

(Actress / Writer)

"Thomas J. Belleza has a straightforward, organized, and un-intimidating approach to helping you think about your life like a business. He is especially successful in helping the talented artist see how important practicing networking and marketing is on top of honing their craft. He is also funny.... and that helps. I highly recommend Thomas to anyone who is looking to strive for more productive balance, wealth, and a prosperous future."

~ Erica LaRose


Gabi Faye

BBR Productions


"The first time I met Thomas he was running a free seminar at the actors pro expo. He is both an engaging and knowledgeable speaker, but more importantly, he is experienced in so many aspects of this industry. He understands and dissects the keys to finding success as an actor, and I learned more in his initial free seminar then I’ve learned in so many seminars I’ve spent a hefty sum of cash on. From his seminar, I took away tangible marketing ideas that I put immediately into action. I grew my social media following and started to brand myself with content per Thomas’ recommendations. Thomas is truly and sincerely a good human being that wants to see others reach their goals and potential. Since meeting him, I’ve had several consultations about varying aspects of my career. Most recently I needed help prepping for a TV interview I had about a short film I produced. Thomas trained me on proper interview technique, and as a result, I felt confident about sitting across the interviewer ready to take on any question she threw my way. Thank you, Thomas! Whatever it is you’re hoping to learn or accomplish, Thomas is your guy. He will absolutely give you the knowledge to get to the next level."

~ Gabi Faye

Ellen Karis

BBR Productions

(Comedian / Actor / Radio Host)

"Procuring Thomas Bellezza's website and technical services were one of the best business decisions I have made. My work life became easier because I knew that Thomas would be taking care of my website which is my calling card to the world, create posters which I need for marketing and a whole host of technical and professional advice, that use to send me into a tailspin. His turnaround time and communication is also part of his delivering of great service and are commodities as well. He is simply the best in his field."

~ Ellen Karis


Nick Bonanno

BBR Productions

(Writer / Crew / Actor)

"Since 2012, I've worked with Thomas to help forward my professional goals in the entertainment industry. By implementing the teachings of Thomas Bellezza, I've forged the strongest business relationships of my career which continue to grow every day."

~ Nick Bonanno

Roberto Capriotti

BBR Productions

(Actor / Writer / Director / Crew)

"Thomas is the only person I've met who has taught me things that have given me results in my career when applying them. He truly understands business and has a broad capacity for learning and growing, not to mention his great compassion toward others. Thomas has been a key mentor in my life and has shaped the way I pursue my goals in my career, finances and lifestyle. He has helped me to recognize value and be efficient with my time and network. What I love most about Thomas is how dedicated he is to those he is working with. Building relationships is his core focus and philosophy in life and he is someone who practices that to the utmost extent. You can always rely on Thomas to respond to you promptly and add value to your situation. He is great at problem solving and is a very goal oriented solution maker. I am very fortunate to have met Thomas and to be friends and business partners together. He is someone who makes the extra effort to strive toward excellence and his advice is priceless. If you ever need results, Thomas will help you get them!"

~ Roberto Capriotti


Courtney Leigh Goodwin

BBR Productions


"I have always said that everything happens for a reason. When I came home from living in Chicago, I was bored and unhappy with where my dreams were taking me… nowhere. I didn’t know where I was headed and how to get where I wanted. I was aimlessly wandering into an abyss. That’s when I met Thomas J. Bellezza. I truly believe that he is a big part of the reason why I came back to Long Island. I was doing a one act performance at the theatre and it felt like the universe was throwing me in the right direction. I started taking the business class that Tom provided. I was learning all the core items that I needed to know to start saying YES to my life! Then one day I decided that it was time to get the one on one consulting that was being offered. I have never put so much faith in myself to get this kind of guidance. It was life changing. Tom has taken me under his wing, taught me what I need to know, guided me, pushed me, supported me. Without his help I would not be saying YES to my life. I would not be in a position where I would feel confident to follow these big dreams of mine."

~ Courtney Leigh Goodwin

JD McGbiney

BBR Productions


"My experience with Thomas J. Bellezza and BBR Productions has been a positive and reinforcing life change. The lessons I learned through the offered classes at BBR have helped me properly establish business and personal goals that I originally thought were impossible, and follow them through to completion. If you have an idea or dream that might seem daunting or unobtainable, I highly recommend paying a visit to BBR Productions. You just might be taking the wrong approach, because after learning from Thomas I believe anything can be a reality."

~ JD McGibney


Monica Freeman-Greene

BBR Productions

(Screen Writer / Producer)

"I met Thomas through social media and admired his drive and commitment to his craft, but never imagined I'd be able to partner with him in such a tremendous way to help me with my first filmmaking effort. From casually giving a novice as myself useful tips to me hiring him and has partner Marc as my line producers for my first film, every interaction with them has been extremely valuable to me. Thomas's knowledge in the industry, his pragmatic approach to becoming a business-minded artist, and his passion for helping others find their way has made this a wonderful partnership. In the first few months of working with him, I feel like I've learned more than all the books or articles I've ever read on filmmaking. He's not afraid to tell you the truth, but does it in a constructive way that's only meant to encourage you more. I'm looking forward to continuing working with him and Marc and being a part of the BBR Productions family."

~ Monica Freeman-Greene

Alan Stentiford

BBR Productions


"Since starting working with Thomas J. Bellezza, my career has moved forward beyond my wildest dreams. My brand value and growth through marketing has skyrocketed from nothing and my networking and people skills have made leaps and bounds and even my most personal relationships have further developed and been cultivated. Through my relationship with him, I was cast in a project that will get me my SAG eligibility and eventually my Equity eligibility! Through him and Team Rise Together, I have formed great relationships and see my circle growing more and more each day. He has taught me the value of giving of myself and my talents. The most important people in this business are everyone else. I am learning more about myself and what I stand for and represent, my brand. Even this terminology would not be existent in my language if it were not for his teachings and guidance. Hiring Thomas was based on a recommendation from friend Marc Chouen and it has changed the course of my professional and personal life."

~ Alan Stentiford


Alan Gordon Studio

BBR Productions

(Acting School)

"I have been working with Thomas J. Bellezza for the past year. Thomas is honest, dedicated and exceptionally knowledgeable in all matters of marketing and social media. With his guidance my business is already growing. I highly recommend that you work with Thomas if you are looking to grow your business. He is as good as it gets."

~ Alan Gordon

Marc Chouen

BBR Productions

(Actor / Producer)

"For 13 years I’ve constantly been working on my craft as an actor with the hope of catching my big break. It wasn’t until I started working with Thomas that I realized that this is just half the battle. Thomas has taught me how important it is to treat my life like a business. After each meeting that I have with him, I am always blown away by how much I’ve learned. He is truly knowledgeable, and always has your best interests at heart. I feel like I’m closer now to accomplishing my dream than I ever was before, and it is thanks to Thomas."

~ Marc Chouen


Kenny Murdock

BBR Productions

(Comedian / Writer)

"Thomas J Bellezza has been a pleasure to be in business with. Straight to the point, clear and concise, Tom will motivate, educate and help guide you toward success is the same ways myself and all the other testimonials have attested to. What separates him from the pack is his ability to keep up, reach out and make himself readily available outside of the sessions. Wether it’s a quick brush up on something discussed, or to share some laughs over pizza, the buck does not stop at the session. Thomas has proven over and over again his dedication to seeing people achieve happiness in their waking lives. I hope one day to fine a way to repay him, even though I know my success will be enough."

~ Kenny Murdock

Daniel Adams

BBR Productions inc


"The dream world...Yes...Why leave them only in your head? Thomas J. Bellezza, President of BRR. Productions Inc., knows exactly how to cultivate the inner power and passion of a person and focus that energy so they can start "bringing reality to their dreams." Living your dreams, saying yes instead of no, removing your fears and doubts: that is what you learn at BBR from Thomas J. Bellezza. He is an expert at honing and crafting S.M.A.R.T goals with clients in a comfortable and creative atmosphere. Every time I speak with him I learn something new about how to take my goals to the next level. Many artists brood and self sabotage their projects before they can take flight. When you learn from "Tom," as I've grown to call him, you realize a world without limits, and that your work and effort are the only factors holding you in your current position. He teaches "the how" He knows. Why? He's been through it; he understands the pitfalls and knows the benefits. I highly recommend paying him a visit. Thomas J. Bellezza leads by example with his many brands of entertainment and intrigue. Stop saying no and start saying yes to your life."

~ Adam



BBR Productions Inc


"I met Mr. Thomas J Bellezza when I was about three years into the comedy business. I was doing open mics and bringer shows for three years and getting nowhere fast. All I was doing was making money for other people and getting little or nothing, mostly nothing, in return for my time and effort. Thomas has since took me under his wing and laid out the entertainment business for me and showed me how it works. He explained how it’s a people business, talent is only a small part of the business. Most importantly that YOU the entertainer are a business 24/7 and there’s no such thing as over night success. Thomas’ methods aren’t a get rich quick scheme in the entertainment business. He emphasized things such as proper etiquette when speaking with people, returning emails, and how to market yourself and get the right people to see me. Since meeting Thomas I’ve been getting contacted by promoters to do shows, not the other way around."

~ Stoney

Michael Stylianou

BBR Productions Inc


"If you want to actually be a rockstar, rather than just act like one, you need to understand a lot more than just music. The simple fact is that entertainment is a business just like any other. There are rules and standards that have to be adhered to, and best practices that can lead to success. Thomas J. Bellezza certainly understands this, and his experience acts as a guide for the artists intelligent enough to seek him out. When you don't know what you don't know, its someone like Thomas who can cast away the shadows and explain things in a straightforward manner. Especially in this market, when it seems that promoters and talent buyers have all the power and a band is at their mercy, Thomas shows that you can still negotiate. A band that's sacrificing themselves for that one big opportunity is never going anywhere, and Thomas makes a point of keeping your focus on your band and its goals. Long story short, Thomas is a charming, ruggedly handsome, shining example of the human race, but that's not why you'll love him. You'll love him because Thomas will give you the tools you need to succeed."

~ Martyrd

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