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BBR Productions Inc
BBR Productions
Our mission is bringing reality to your dreams by being an affordable all inclusive company dedicated toward helping individuals, businesses, and ideas find their “yes” into success within any field of interest through consulting, marketing and development.
BBR Productions Inc

• From casting to filming, allow us to be your one stop company!

• Development of conceptual ideas to breathe life to fantastical stories.

• Fully equipped post-production department to finalize projects.

• Marketing campaigns to design trailers and posters.

• Fully staffed script development team for all genres

• Full sponsorship with The Tiffen Company.

• Experienced producers working with projects on a vast scale.

BBR Productions Inc

• Break down scripts to figure out precise project budgets

• Obtain funding for projects, companies, and individual ideas

• Pitch projects to help raise capital or to sell to studios

• Build a business plan for investor presentations

• Apply for artist grants to film independent projects

• Educate on how to make a profit in the film and television industry

• To inquire on investing in a project, contact Marc Chouen.

BBR Productions Inc.

BBR Productions is in a constant search for new projects. We love finding projects with new creators working on films, TV show concepts, web series, new media projects, novels, comic books, and even cartoons. We want to bring ideas alive.

There are stages to this process before funding can even be considered. If our client has any of these stages in hand, or near completion, we work with them to finalize the process and help bring their idea to life.

Team Rise Together's mission is to allow artists an outlet to express their vision in an environment to collaborate with like-minded individuals. By working in a synergetic growth to success we help one another in a team effort to say YES to a future in entertainment. We gather actors, crew, writers, and directors and others to work together to bring media projects to life. We take on interns from colleges and give them real time experience. The team that works together and grows together will rise together!

BBR Productions BBR Productions BBR Productions BBR Productions BBR Productions BBR Productions BBR Productions BBR Productions

BBR Productions inc

BBR Productions, in association with oh DEER! Productions, has departments directly responsible for fundraising and developing projects into full productions. Dedicated teams handle budgeting, scheduling, script formatting, supplying talent and resources, organizing staff, production, post-production, distribution, and marketing.

As an independent production company we are responsible for finding or developing original scripts, and acquiring financing and/or investable talent in actors, directors, and writers.

Depending on specific projects, we work to find distribution for projects signed onto our development deals. In special situations our company will help distribute a project ourselves if we believe in a project that no one is willing to take on.

We specialize in multiple areas of production; film, television, theatre, cartoons, video games, and books. Contact us today!

BBR Productions Inc.

BBR Productions Inc.

What is post-production? Post-production refers to the tasks that must be executed after shooting a project ends. Post-production is the third and final step in film creation. It follows the pre-production and production phases.

Our post-production department oversees the finishing touches to all of our projects. This includes but is not limited to, the editing process, re-recording of dialog (ADR : Automatic Dialogue Replacement), musical scores, visual effects, and sound effects which are "mixed" to create the final film.

Marketing is also launched during this phase, such as the release of trailers and posters. Our marketing department works alongside each project to help bring awareness to create interest, which ultimately generates sales.


BBR Productions Inc

BBR Productions inc

With our script development team in place, we have the capability to create an original screenplay or have our team clean up an existing one. Allow our experienced screenplay writers to collaborate with you to write your professional screenplay.

Every project is uniquely special in its own way. BBR Productions is fully staffed with a variety of professional writers specializing in screenplays, novels, poetry, commercial, and industrial.

We are equipped to handle every level of creating, editing, and formatting the following needs:

• TV, Feature Film, and Short Film Screenwriting
• Treatment Writing
• Screenplay Ghostwriting
• Screenplay Formatting
• Screenplay Rewriting / Script Doctor Services
• Write Out Pitches for Projects

BBR Productions Inc.

BBR Productions Inc.

BBR Productions is sponsored by The Tiffen Company. We are greatly appreciative of them working alongside us on the projects we are producing through BBR Productions, or working on as a producer.

Their company deals with filters, Steadicams, lighting, drone kits and most equipment associated with getting a project completed. The only items they do not have are actual cameras and sound equipment.

However, we work with a large group of people known as Team Rise Together. In addition to our sponsorship with The Tiffen Company, we have all forms of equipment and resources at our disposal through our vast network of actors, writers, directors, crew, and producers. This allows us to help with set-ups, breakdowns, even consulting on how to best utilize the equipment.

Let us work with you to find the best deals and get the correct equipment for you so your vision can be brought to fruition!

BBR Productions inc

BBR Productions inc

We work alongside multiple casting companies, which allow us to come on board and be a part of any project. We are able to help cast theatre, film, television, shorts, commercials, industrials, and more.

Casting directors read scripts and collaborate with producers, directors, and writers to create breakdown notices, which are brief descriptions of the physical attributes, skills, and experience sought in actors to portray particular characters. With the aid of casting assistants, casting directors submit these breakdown notices to agents and talent agencies.

Casting directors then receive actors' headshots and resumes, which they must sift through to select the most qualified actors and schedule them for auditions, often with the help of casting assistants. Depending on the size and scope of a production, a casting director may hold an initial round of auditions and personally decide which actors to call back for the producer and director.

BBR Productions Inc.

BBR Productions Inc.

Our team of producers is trained in working with projects on a vast scale. If your project needs a line producer to help create and maintain a budget we can breakdown a script and handle payroll, above and below the line, while continuing to maintain a steady balance to that project's budget.

There is a group of us that specialize in managing cast, crew, and the overall production in general. They are the ones that keep schedules going, making sure people are getting paid and handling the larger picture behind the scenes.

And when you are trying to procure investors, money, campaigns, or even financing it yourself, let us come on as producers to help you keep all your income and expenses organized. We work with a group of investors for projects of all sizes.

BBR Productions inc

BBR Productions inc

BBR Productions is a team of experienced filmmakers working for you. Our team of video production professionals gets results. We blend a variety of cinematic techniques to uniquely brand films or commercial campaigns. Quality content that resonates with your audience is our passion.

This team is ready to bring your commercial, film, TV show, or web series to life. With a group of over 41 hard working individuals, there are no projects too small or large.

As a problem-solving company, each project gets the full attention of our entire BBR Production team. While our trusted crew works to bring the director's vision forward, we have top producers keeping the project on track.

It is our goal to make the experience run smoothly, professionally, and get each project completed under budget and on time!

BBR Productions Inc.

BBR ProductionsBBR ProductionsBBR ProductionsBBR ProductionsBBR ProductionsBBR ProductionsBBR ProductionsBBR Productions

BBR Productions inc
BBR Productions Inc
BBR Productions inc
BBR Productions inc
BBR Productions





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