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Our mission is bringing reality to your dreams by being an affordable all inclusive company dedicated toward helping individuals, businesses, and ideas find their “yes” into success within any field of interest through consulting, marketing and development.
BBR Productions Inc

• The fundamentals to secure a successful career in life.

• Teach how to properly build a strong financial foundation.

 • Master a budget to organize a plan to grow wealth.

 • The Art of Conversation; How, When, and Why to say it!

 • Proper marketing techniques, strategies, and brand growth.

 • Find solutions for a business, individual, or creative venture.

 • Learn to manage your time, money, and people.

BBR Productions Inc

• A brand must have a voice and a coherent message to present.

• Build awareness to create interest that generates sales.

• Help our clients create a strong sustainable and organic growth.

• Value of marketing a brand's adventure over pushing it.

• Design websites, graphic art, and videos to present the brand.

• Create short and long term marketing campaigns.

• Build affiliate relationships, sponsorships, and an inner circle.

BBR Productions BBR Productions BBR Productions BBR Productions BBR Productions BBR Productions BBR Productions BBR Productions

BBR Productions

BBR Productions dedicates our lives to learning how success is accomplished. We focus our studies on people who have fought through hard times to make something of themselves and those who have lost everything only to rebuild from nothing.

This leads us to have a team of experts that provides professional advice to an individual, or an organization. Our primary role is to assist individuals to achieve their life goals and create successful outcomes in their careers.

Even though we come on as an educator, a catalyst for deeper change, a great resource, or a facilitator, the leadership of the process remains within your organization. We can lead you to water but we cannot force you to drink.

Contact us to get a free consultation on your career path today.

BBR Productions Inc.

BBR Productions

"365 Days To Success" is a video series on how to become successful in your field of interest. It is a series of videos touching on how to network, market, practice. Manage your time/money/people, find solutions, and enhance your talents and skills. Additionally you will learn how to organize your money to grow wealth by investing into assets, and more.

What do you want to do for a career? (Knowing what want you want!)
Budget your overhead! (Knowing how your money works is control)
Financial Foundation. (Any career starts with having capital)
3 Needs of Success: Network/Market/Practice
3 Needs of Longevity: Management/Entrepreneurial Brain/Talent
3 Needs of Purpose: Security/Growth/Dream
8 Assets of Life. (Learn to invest to grow wealth and freedom)
Treat your life like a business! (When all is said and done, do it right)

BBR Productions Inc.

The purpose of marketing is to develop awareness to create interest, which ultimately generates sales. This is accomplished through building an emotional connection between the audience and the client's brand message. Marketing always begins with branding.

With a full-service advertising & marketing department, BBR Productions can handle all the marketing and advertising aspects of an individual or business. This includes strategic planning, production, creativity, and innovations, as well as interactive marketing services via the Internet.

Our full team of marketing consultants are professionals with expertise in strategies to engage customers and improve business opportunities, both through retaining existing clients and attracting new patrons.

Branding is a deeply important part of the process. It is our goal to organize an already established brand or help clients develop their own voice into one strong coherent message for an audience to emotionally grasp onto. This will help ensure best possible results.

Contact us and let’s talk about the perfect marketing strategy for you.

BBR Productions Inc

What Do You Want

Budgeting Your Overhead

Financial foundation

3 Needs Of Success

(Network / Market / Practice)

3 Needs Of Longevity
(Management of Time / People / Money)

Entrepreneurial Brain


3 Needs Of Purpose
(Security / Growth / Dream)

8 Assets
(Wealth Growth)

Treat Your Life Like A Business

BBR Productions Inc

Every entertainer has a dream to be successful in a field over populated with individuals fighting for the same thing. What sets them all apart is knowledge. Knowing how the business of entertainment works gives a person an advantage.

If you are an actor, writer, comedian, producer, filmmaker, musician, artist, or an individual trying to make a career within entertainment... Ask yourself these questions.

1) Do you have a foundation?
2) How much is your overhead budget caps per month?
3) What is your brand message?
4) How often do you network, market, practice?

Allow us to sit with you for one hour and speak with you on what you have and have not been doing in your career. If you are working hard to be successful in entertainment and have not reached your goals within 3 years of your start point, let us help you change things up!

Contact us to get a free consultation on your career path today.

BBR Productions Inc.

BBR Productions Inc.

Our company is consistently doing physical seminars and online webinars. Each program is filled with educational and motivational material designed to take an idea within an individual and bring life to it. We explain what is necessary to accomplish dreams.

Webinars review how success in life can be time consuming even when you are doing it correctly. If you feel you should be further along in your career as an actor, writer, director, artist, musician, or trying to open your own business, let Thomas J. Bellezza present to you some tools and ideas to bring reality to your dreams.

Seminars take the foundation of what tools are learned in our Webinars and organize it into a focused path to succeed in any chosen career. We present opportunities to witness the power of Networking, Marketing, and Practicing talents to Management of Time, Money, and the People around you. These tools will help break down walls with problem solving solutions by utilizing an entrepreneurial mind set.

BBR Productions Inc

BBR Productions Inc

Our BBR Productions Inc. Think Tank Team is designed to find solutions for businesses, individuals, and creative ventures. We work together with a dedicated team of seven individuals all experts in their respective fields.

The team is led by Thomas J. Bellezza, who specializes in multiple fields of interest. He will be the one who oversees each project directly and personally. Below are examples in which our team focuses on.

• Developing movie & TV ideas
• Character development for books & scripts
• Increasing traffic flow of a business or brand
• Slogans / tag lines / business plans / treatments
• Pitches for ideas / business / investments / scripts / projects
• Branding and marketing products, apps, and patent

Please Contact Us for more information.

BBR Productions Inc.

BBR Productions Inc.

This class is a monthly ongoing program. Each session is 90 minutes with a 30 minute Q&A. The idea of having a dream is beautiful. The process of developing that dream into a viable career is hard work. This course will spend time going over the process to prepare and develop a foundation to allow an individual to take calculated chances. Additionally it will focus on creating success through networking, marketing, and practicing both your craft and how to run your career as a business.

• Network / Market / Practice: These are the 3 fundamentals to acquire success in life: through building and cultivating relationships, inform the public of your brand and message, while working to improve your talents.

• The Art of Conversation: Master the power of “How to say it, When to say it, and Why to say it”! The power to say YES comes with the understanding of hearing NO.

• Management of Time, Money and People: Creating a foundation to secure opportunity & calculated chances through Management of Time, Money, and People.

Please Contact Us for more information.

BBR Productions Inc

BBR Productions Inc

Our goal is to sit with our clients and find their brand's voice and place it into their custom designed website. Each website is built based on the message of our client's brand.

Some clients take design aspects from our own past web designs and utilize it into their own, and others will go around and let us know what they like in websites they have seen.

Together we work with them to bring their vision to life and advise them on layouts and designs for the best return on their investment of time and money.

Please Contact Us for more information.

BBR Productions Inc.

bbr productions bbr productions bbr productions

bbr productions bbr productions BBR Productions

BBR ProductionsBBR ProductionsBBR ProductionsBBR ProductionsBBR ProductionsBBR ProductionsBBR ProductionsBBR Productions

BBR Productions inc
BBR Productions Inc
BBR Productions inc
BBR Productions inc
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